Cropkare is a concentrated multi-nutrient compound fertiliser. It is made from a sustainable and renewable fuel from poultry litter, that is burned to generate electricity, leaving a nutrient-rich by product. Cropkare contains all the nutrients except nitrogen that were present in the poultry litter, recycling these nutrients to the soil.

Cropkare is a valuable source of immediately available and long-term forms of phosphate and potash. It also contains useful amounts of secondary nutrients and trace elements.

Cropkare is inorganic, has no smell and can be used where appropriate as an alternative to superphosphate and muriate of potash based fertilisers.

The typical analysis of Cropkare is:

Spreading CropkarePhosphate (P2O5): 10%
Potash (K2O): 12%
Magnesium (MgO): 6%
Sulphur (SO3): 5%
Calcium (CaO): 29%
Sodium (Na2O): 2.3%

Plus a full range of trace elements including: boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc.

An application of 500 kg Cropkare/ha supplies 50 kg P2O5/ha, 60 kg K2O/ha, 30 kg MgO/ha and 25 kg SO3/ha.