Cropkare is a coarse powder and therefore requires the expertise of a contractor who is experienced with spreading the product and has the correct equipment to handle the material.
It is recommended to employ a trailed spreader with a moving belt floor system or similar, as this system enables the material to be positively delivered to the discs. The rate can then be regulated simply by altering the height of the door. Due to this arrangement the machines always deliver a known volume regardless of the condition of the material being spread. Such as those found on:

Atkinson (link)

Bredal machines

Land Drive (link)

Transpread machines

It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand the material safety data sheet (see below), to ensure that the product is fit for purpose, and to apply the product in accordance with the DEFRA Code of Good Agricultural Practice:

a) apply to pasture where stock are grazing.
b) re-introduce stock whilst product is visible on forage.
c) re-introduce stock within two weeks of application.

We recommend that you download and read the Cropkare Safety Data Sheet: