• An environmentally friendly fertiliser with a traceable analysis.
  • Consistent in terms of  its nutrient content and physical characteristics.
  • Regular analysis to confirm the consistency of the nutrients.
  • Can be used on ALL arable and grassland crops
  • Cropkare is an extremely cost effective and reliable source of phosphate and potash.



Provides P and K in both immediately available and longer lasting forms
  • Plant nutrients available throughout the growing season replenishing soil fertility. 
  • Ensures maximum utilisation and recovery of nutrient
Phased release Phosphate
  • Minimises risk of P runoff to water protecting the environment
  • Improves financial return on fertiliser
Contains calcium and magnesium giving it a neutralising value of 25%
  • Regular applications help to maintain optimum soil pH levels.
  • Lime and nutrients give excellent soil conditioning properties
Contains significant quantities of magnesium
  • Maximises photosynthesis and protein production,
  • Improves the feed value of grass
  • Reduces the risk of grass staggers in the spring
Contains optimum levels of sulphur
  • Sustained release sulphur in the leach resistant elemental form maximises the uptake of N and protein synthesis
Contains useful inclusion of sodium
  • Increases the palatability and intake of grass
Contains a wide range of essential trace elements
  • Improves mineral composition and health of soil, plants and animals
Derived from renewable resource
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable solution to farm waste
Controlled process
  • Independent assurance of health, safety and environmental compliance
Incineration at 850 degrees c for 4 seconds
  • Safe, inert pathogen free material
Powder product available on bulk delivered and spread basis
  • Cost effective source of nutrient
  • Time saving for farmers
Properly conditioned product available all year round
  • Spreads easily and evenly
  • Can be spread at any time of the year
  • Every load from the plant is analysed  to define the Nutrient status.   
  • As per the fertiliser Regulations, a Statutory Declaration is supplied with each load of Cropkare Fertiliser delivered direct to farm, confirming the declared analysis
Solubility of nutrients
  • All the Elements in Cropkare are less Water Soluble than conventional Compound Fertilisers. So less prone to leaching but as available, therefore reducing losses in high rainfall areas.
Does NOT contain NITROGEN
  • so this Element can be applied accurately and at the correct time. The phased release of the P205 and  CaO ensures better utilization of the Nitrogen. Particularly important in N.V.Z.
  • All contractors employed to apply Cropkare are fully experienced in handling the product. When necessary floatation tyres are fitted.